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12 ago. 2005


I've been pondering about elevator etiquette for a while. Here's what I've come up with:

° What's with people who don't move after other people get off the elevator? I mean, I understand you have to pin me to the wall when there's 27 of us in here, but couldn't you move after half of them get off?
° I realize now I was miseducated. I've always thought when someone said "excuse me" they wanted me to move or to listen to them. I see now that "excuse me", when uttered inside an elevator, means something along the lines of "please, stay where you are. I'll move around you to get out of here" or "don't worry, I enjoy it when heavy people step on my foot"
° When making eye contact you should do either one of the following: a) look away, or b) start a conversation. What is this, third grade? Do you really want to start a staring competition with me? How long can you hold until you blink? I'll take you down, buddy!
° Listen, I'm all for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and all that, but do you really think the rest of us elevator passengers need to know what you did last night? No, I'm not interested in the fact that your new girlfriend has three nipples, and I really don't want to learn about that rash you got after using a public toilet...
° Last time I checked, this is an elevator, not the Tokyo subway. It's full, you can't get in. Get over it. Use the next one
° Puny humans! Listen to me! I'm your elevator! You only need to press the up or down buttons once. Stop annoying me. I won't come any faster no matter how many times you try

{I wrote this about a year ago. I'm too lazy to translate it}

El alter rorro tiene más libertad si postea en inglés?? jajaja

...very nice, :-)
Me recordo un sketch de Saturday Night Live, en donde hay un ascensor vacio y un tipo en la esquina de atras: todos los que iban entrando se le pegaban como si fuera el ultimo espacio del ascensor, tal cual como lo cuentas, jeje :-)

{Alter Rorro, don't tell me you are being lazy too? I know you are part of Rorro's insane self but, please, don't get his bad habits.}

Rorro, ya veo q' estas bien aburrido de verdad. Hasta la creatividad esta en stand by y andas desempolvando los post viejos.

bye bye ;)

RoRRo no conseguí mejor forma de avisarte. Hoy a las 6:30 hay una charla de Elizabeth Avellán, productora ejecutiva de Secuestro Express y de Sin City y esposa de Robert Rodríguez. Es en el Teatro Municipal de Chacao, atrás del Lido y la entrada es libre.
P.S. Tienes una hora, dile a Alter RoRRo que se quede haciendo lo que tienes que hacer donde estés y sal corriendo

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